The power of Journaling to unclutter your mind

When your mind is weighed down with negative thoughts, life can seem so much harder to deal with. A cluttered mind, or Mind-Clutter as I like to call it, can really make things difficult to see clearly or as they are. Not only that, but it can become even more difficult to navigate your way through life’s challenging moments.  

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    I think it’s fair to say that April Fool’s Day is no joke in the UK. In fact the media has already dubbed it April Cruel’s Day due to the fact that the cost of living is rising at an alarming rate, and fuel costs increasing on the daily; and of course we see a hike in energy costs of 54% which came in today in the UK.


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    Introducing two Guides to Chakra Crystal and Divine Numbers. These are my antidote to global negativity. Download and enjoy!


  • Magical tips for surviving change!

    Firstly our lives are in perpetual motion. We live in a constantly changing world and an ever expanding universe, so change is inevitable. Some people embrace change, seeing it as ushering in new energy; whilst others shy away from it and find it difficult to cope with.


  • The story of the €100 note

    The story of the 100 euro note. “It was a slow day in a quaint Irish town. It was raining and the streets were deserted. Times are hard…”


About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah (or SAz), founder of An Artisan life

I’m an living an Artisan of Life, creating my world moment by moment. I’m particularly interested in the human potential and my blog is all about sharing my life experiences with you!

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  • Are you summer solstice ready?

    Tuesday 21st June 2022 at 10:13am is the summer solstice. This powerful time is when the sun reaches its peak, from our perspective in the Northern Hemisphere, before it begins its descent back towards the winter solstice (in the Southern Hemisphere, this is reversed, so the date marks winter solstice).


  • The POWER of Journaling to Unclutter your mind 

    When your mind is weighed down with negative thoughts, life can seem so much harder to deal with. A cluttered mind, or Mind-Clutter as I like to call it, can really make things difficult to see clearly or as they are.


  • Super 7 dietary changes to help with PMS

    Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (or PMS for the uninitiated) can blind side you. One month you’re cruising along with no symptoms and then BAM! the next you’re feeling irritable, bloated, spotty and generally under the weather.


  • It’s OK to not be OK…

    I don’t know about you I hear that quote used often, particularly in the current trouble and strife going on in the world. It’s even spawned a successful Korean drama with the same name and it got me thinking; by saying “it’s OK to not be OK” does that trivialise what mental health issues people are suffering with.


  • 7 reasons why your morning coffee fix can be good for you

    Whether yours is an oat milk flat white, a skinny latte or a double espresso, did you know that your morning trip to Starbucks or Costa could actually be doing you good aside from providing that much-needed morning caffeine jolt! 


  • Stress Management  

    Today is the turn of Stress Management, and way that you can better deal with the stresses and strains of life. We will also look at when you need to ask for help and support. 


  • What is the definition of LUCKY? 

    You will often hear the wise ones, the gurus, the memes saying “Live every day like it’s your last.” and by that they mean, pack as much in as you can.  Live life to the fullest.  And of course, that’s all right and correct, but have you ever stopped to consider how lucky you actually are? 


  • NOTHING you want is upstream!

    It’s all about the subtle but essential part of allowing all your desires to flow to you. You never see a river flowing upstream to get to the sea and there’s a good reason for that. It’s all about ‘the path of least resistance’. Water in rivers finds the quickest path downhill (the path of least resistance) until it reaches its ‘goal’, the sea.


  • When will we feel SAFE?

    My response the the UK Government back app designed to make the streets safer for women and girls. I am writing this blog post as a response to the UK Government backed app – Path Community – which is currently being trialled by 500 people, including Met Police Officers, in the London boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark.


  • The BENEFITS of meditating…

    So what are the benefits of meditating? Of course there are the overall benefits such as sleeping better and calming anxiety, but for me meditating is a complete bubble of other worldliness.


  • Autumn Hygge Selfcare Ideas

    We all know how important it is to make time for yourself to support your mental health; so, today’s post is all about selfcare ideas for easing into the season!


  • The best ways to get out of ‘the funks’!

    You’re entitled to have ‘the funks’ from time to time; after all you can’t be happy all of the time, right.  But what are the best way to right the ship and get back, firing on all cylinders agai


  • The magical alchemy of bathing

    For me the bath is the perfect place to practice some self-care.  I love the peace and quiet that the bath and the bathroom affords me, for me it’s a great place to meditate.


  • The wonders of micro-habits!

    Micro-habits – as the name might suggest – is the use of teeny tiny habits that, over time, mount up to make a big difference.  And the beauty of micro-habits is that they don’t take up too much of your time or energy, and can be used to break your goals into manageable chunks. 


  • Discover your authentic self

    “Authenticity is when you say and do the things you actually believe.” We are constantly being bombarded by the media, telling us who we should be, who we should strive to be like or what we should want out of life.  We live in a global society that rates fame and superficiality as most desirable prizes.  Where our bank balance is a direct measurement of our self-worth and much less importance is placed on how we actually live our lives. 


  • 7 things to do this weekend that your garden will love you for

    Now that the clocks have changed and there’s more daylight it’s time to turn your attention to the garden, and with the Easter holidays coming up what better time to wake up the garden in preparation for the warm days of summer.


  • Make a change and stop wasting money…

    We always want a bit more of the green stuff, don’t we?  We love the opportunities that it gives us, and when we get to mid-life we think we’re on top of our finances; after all we’ve been around for half a century, surely we should have a handle on it…


  • A guide to Journaling

    The benefits of getting in the scribbling habit allows you to clarify your thoughts and feelings by putting them down on paper.


  • How to raise your vibe fast, today!

    In these crazy times it’s often hard to maintain high vibes all the time, but here are some of my tried and tested top tips for keeping the negative energy to a minimum and raising your vibes high, high!


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