How to raise your vibe fast, today!

“The universe doesn’t speak your language, it speaks your vibe!”

I don’t know about you but this year has been all over the place in terms of crazy energy to say the least! It doesn’t matter if you’re the least sensitive person, you will have definitely picked up on the chaotic juju circulating the globe!

Over the passed few months I have spent a lot more time on my daily practices, some of which I have included in my list, to ground myself and bring me back to centre rather than allowing the current situations to engulf my thoughts.

In these crazy times it’s often hard to maintain high vibes all the time, but here are some of my tried and tested top tips for keeping the negative energy to a minimum and raising your vibes high, high!

Be grateful. Start your day by stating three things you’re grateful for.

Get your groove on. Put on your fave music and throw some shapes!

Say something nice to someone.

Call a friend or two who are always high vibe.

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Have a nap.

Eat some naturally high vibe foods

Take a deep breath – this works for panic attacks too!

Give yourself five minutes

Go for a walk outside in the fresh air, you could even meet up with a friend (socially distanced of course)!

“Vibe high, and the magic around you will unfold.”

Published by Sarah

There are so many things that I love and that make me happy. I can say all the usual stuff like my family and being a mum (which of course I love), but just a few of my favourite things are; CROCHET - I'm not the greatest but I love it. GIN - now there I consider myself a connoisseur of gin. COOKING - I'm a feeder what can I say! STAR-GAZING - hands down the best place to do this is South Africa. The skies are so dark, no light pollution, perfect. Whiles we're on the subject... South Africa - one of my favourite places on earth and my adopted home. Just a few of the things that really really raise my vibe!

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