49 Year Old Activist… I knew I was in there somewhere

In my 49 years I have never marched or demonstrated about anything. I have obviously had a gripe in the comfort of my own middle-class world to anyone that listened when something has pissed me off.  I’ve stood up for people in the past and would do it again at the drop of a hat; but as for lending my voice to injustices in the world, that was where my comfort zone ended. That all changed TODAY!  TODAY I joined a peaceful demonstration along with some incredible people in the #BLM movement with my family.  And before I go further I do want to address the I am aware there is a worldwide pandemic currently raging on, but I also know that for the past 300 years or more there has been the systematic racist abuse of swaths of our society, and some things are more important. So in case you were wondering we masked and gloved and stayed 2m apart. 

To be part of something bigger and make history was quite overwhelming to me.  Starting by lying on the grass for 8 minutes and 47 seconds brought me to tears.  I could smell the grass and feel the wind and rain in my hair and on my face, and it just made me think that those who have lost their lives to racism, will never have that luxury again. 

The fact the George Floyd was calling for his momma during that short timescale, before his ultimate death, is the one thing, through all of this, that has shattered my heart into a millions pieces. As a momma myself it would absolutely kill me if my child were in a situation and I couldn’t do anything to help them.  So, of all the banners raised in solidarity today, the one that floored me is the one that accompanies this post.  From one mother to another.

My life has changed today.  And it has changed for the better.  I have added my voice to the millions of anti-racism protesters around the world; together we can make and difference.  

And as Arvo Part says;

“The Human Voice is the most perfect instrument of all” 

Published by Sarah

There are so many things that I love and that make me happy. I can say all the usual stuff like my family and being a mum (which of course I love), but just a few of my favourite things are; CROCHET - I'm not the greatest but I love it. GIN - now there I consider myself a connoisseur of gin. COOKING - I'm a feeder what can I say! STAR-GAZING - hands down the best place to do this is South Africa. The skies are so dark, no light pollution, perfect. Whiles we're on the subject... South Africa - one of my favourite places on earth and my adopted home. Just a few of the things that really really raise my vibe!

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